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Worldwide, an initiative of the civil rights organisation AfriForum, has for the past five years already been an online home for South Africans who have settled in other countries.

This initiative is the ideal platform for every South African who lives in another country, but who still wants to stay in real touch with his homeland.

The initiative involves a website that helps people to keep abreast of news events in South Africa. Here you can also get reliable advice, just hang out with others, share your experiences and tell more about the interesting places where you are living and working.

Our Worldwide team conducted thorough research to determine exactly what is important for South Africans in a foreign country, and therefore precisely this information is available on the website. This includes current local news, contributions – photos and stories – of South Africans living in interesting places in all corners of the globe, as well as a one-of-a-kind World Guide.

This guide is also the place where South Africans abroad can shop for authentic South African products such as biltong, Ouma rusks and traditional chutney. It also contains a database with details of businesses and restaurants serving South African food, people offering help with financing, as well as the names of South African lawyers abroad.

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The World Guide aims to help people who do not feel at home in a foreign country, to meet other South Africans, while supporting their businesses at the same time. The demand for a more user-friendly and interactive guide has grown and South Africans abroad can now include their businesses in the World Guide free of charge.

Worldwide also has a free weekly newsletter, Spotlight, to which you can subscribe free of charge. This newsletter contains, inter alia, reports of the Afrikaans media house, the latest news on festivals and foreign performances by well-known South African artists, as well as important information on citizenship, passports and tax.

Worldwide continually strives to keep South Africans informed of the best events in foreign countries where you, your friends and family can get together and celebrate a shared heritage. Therefore Worldwide will this year be the main sponsor of the Afrikaans is lekker concerts in Australia and New Zealand as well as the Barry Hilton tour that will be held in Canada in May.

In the past few years we have already involved several partners and made friends Worldwide. Our partners include, among others: South African events, Texas Potjie, Kuier in Dubai, Cashkows, Merise, Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants, and Showmax.
We look forward to continuing this tradition and want to serve South African citizens to the best of our ability – no matter where you find yourself.

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