What you need to know before visiting the Margaret River area in Australia

While the area is quite popular for its beaches, famous landmarks and beautiful natural wonders, it boasts a huge following of wine-loving travellers to its amazing wineries.

If you are looking to see as much as possible then make sure to travel there during Australia’s months of summer – which usually begin in December and run through February. Although the winter months could be nice too, you won’t get to see as much as you would in the daylight hours of winter which just dwindle away before you’ve even got to your destination.

Read on to learn more about what to keep in mind when travelling and what to see when visiting this region.

How to Get There and Get About
A big plus point of this location is that it’s just a few hours away from Perth, making transport options more accessible. The Margaret River region includes the regions of Dunsborough and Busselton to the country’s southern Augusta area. While there are buses which will get you there from Perth, you could also rent a car and drive down there yourself. Another point to remember is that the area itself does not have public transport and the few means of getting about via tours are quite expensive. So the best way around would be to rent a vehicle.

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Take A Full Day Wine Tour
After that long drive from Perth to the Margaret River region you’re bound to be thirsty, so feel absolutely no guilt in making your first stop at a local winery. The region offers several estates where visitors could arrange for a wine tasting tour and an opportunity to savour some specialized wines such as the Amelia Park wines available at the local estate. Here, amidst a picturesque setting visitors can mingle and discuss the various styles of wine with the Amelia Park Estate’s sommelier who will be the best to advise visitors on which bottles to purchase as souvenirs to take back with you.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
A famous landmark is the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse which can be found to the south of the Margaret River region. Tourists flock to the lighthouse not to gaze at its structure but to take in the sunset on the special lighthouse tour. Perhaps the best view in the region, the tours are usually quite crowded so it’s best to go in early. The tours are informative with lots of tit-bits on the history of the lighthouse and arranged at 30-minute intervals.

Sugarloaf Rock
Here’s another vantage point from which to take in the sunsets at Margaret River, the Sugarloaf Rock. The rock’s name is derived from its familiar shape and can be found a little away from the coastline. Not many travellers will go out of their way to visit a rock, but this one is said to be pretty special. A point to note is that if you’re going to wait for the sunset, then don’t forget to cover well as the heavy windy conditions in the area make it quite cold even in the summer.

Meelup Beach
For some fun and sun, head out to Meelup beach where the clear waters and white sandy shores are sheltered from rough waves and wind. It is the ideal beach for a family vacation, especially when travelling with children.

The above-suggested places to visit are but a few select options. Western Australia is bustling with activity and is ever ready to welcome guests at any time of the year and should definitely be on your bucket list of places to visit.

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