And so, we come to the end of 2017…

I cannot believe 2017 is in the home straight! Apparently, the time is moving even faster (perception of course) due to the fact that we are spending so much time on electronic appliances and social media.

I also think that it is making us less creative and patient seeing as one begins to struggle with silence, standing still or to make time to be alone in order to reflect.

For me personally, the year is ending on a particular high note thanks to three particular reasons:

It has begun to snow here in England! Look, it is a good problem to lie on the beach and sweat during Christmas in South Africa, but to me snow is extra special and romantic. I suspect it is all those Walt Disney/American movies and TV shows that made a contribution to the love I have for a white and cold Christmas.

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I had the privilege last week to talk to four fellow Afrikaner podcast pioneers (who have been trying to tame this incredible digital medium for longer than a year) for the first time regarding all the good and bad aspects of being a podcast founder and host, the future expectations for South African podcasters and of course the million-dollar question, namely how to make money using a podcast. The men that came to play were Willim Welsyn and his WAT PODCAST (@willimwelsyn), Stix and his GEVAAALIK PODCAST (@gevaaalikdotcom), Dirk Scheepers and his DS PROGRAM PODCAST (@dsprogram) and Dewald Pelser and his MisterBA PODCAST (@dewaldpelser). Click here to listen to the conversation.

Lastly and the most important: After 14 years in England, we have decided to permanently return to South Africa! We have received different reactions to date, ranging from “high fives” to “Are you crazy!” and the subtler “Why?”. The answer is simple: We know what the realities are, but we miss our people, culture and an African freedom which you won’t understand until you have lived long enough in Europe. Last but not least, business opportunities also played a big role in our decision. As an entrepreneur, South Africa’s innovation and opportunities are concrete to me. Innovation that is being brought about by naughty and inexperienced politicians.

I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018!

And remember … Never say die!

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